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"Just a quick note to thank you and your team for a job well done. I think your facility provides the one of easiest lift options for a yacht I have ever come across, with no strops to worry about catching guard rails or stays, it is really quite ingenious. Great job on the antifoul, well done all."

- Regards, Kim.

"For almost 20 years, my wife and I have spent three or four days every winter on that tedious job of scraping down the hull, applying antifoul, and then polishing the top sides. We tried once to get someone else to do the antifouling, but we were not present to supervise the work or inspect it before it was re-launched, and the beard that appeared on the hull by mid-summer was more luxuriant than any mullah’s. So last year we did it ourselves again. We also experimented with a more expensive anti-foul paint, using 2 coats of Jotun’s Seaqueen instead of International Cruiser Uno. The result was extremely satisfactory – a bit of slime, but no weed and no bare patches requiring undercoating. After the was h down it did not look as if any further work was required, but as I’d bought the paint and the work was included in the cost, we did have a fresh coat."

"Even more satisfactory was the lift-out. This was done by Sealift at Haslar Marina in Portsmouth Harbour (also at Cowes). The total cost for a 34 ft sailing yacht was £756. This included wash-down, applying antifoul, and cleaning, polishing and waxing of the topsides, all done in a day by a hard-working team of three. All materials were included in the price apart from the antifoul (one coat of Seaqueen, @ £77 for 2.5 litre including carriage, was just right). All we had to do was clean the prop (using ordinary kettle de-scaler) and replace the anodes."

"The “Christmas offer” (before 1 March) included a free lift-out and pressure wash during the summer – particularly useful for us as we need to replace the prop anodes twice a year. Normally Sealift don’t put the boat back in the water till the following day, but as the wind was strengthening , it was re-launched late that afternoon – which saved us a second journey down to Gosport."

"This compares with about £450 for lift out, pressure wash, block off and re-launch after a week at a local marina. For the extra £300 we got a really professional antifouling, cleaning and polishing with proper equipment, and saved ourselves not only a lot of hard work but at least 3 round trips of 90 miles."

Maid of Struan

"The picture shows the finished results (before removal of masking tape). Note the gleam on the top sides! The method of raising the boat out of the water allows access to everything below the waterline apart from a very small section of the bottom of the keel. Part of the topsides is also obscured, but this is polished afterwards, when the boat is in the marina. Of course this system is not relevant if you want to take the boat out to dry over an extended period. We aim to do this every 3 years. But we will certainly use Sealift again next year."

- Graham Moore.

"Delighted with the lift and service today, the Lads were good workers, friendly and helpful. We returned to our Pontoon without a hitch, what a good job done! Well impressed!"

- regards Beth Fletcher.


"Thanks for you new quote for my colleague and I thought I'd just respond by thanking the guys for much excellent hard work recently when doing Ishacoco. The finish and detail was excellent and not only did I save money on cranage, but saved myself the aggro of the labour and in the long run saved fuel!!! I will definitely be booking my annual voucher pack in October. Once again, many thanks to all for their efforts."

- Best regards, Roger Wilson, Ishacoco.

"I was absolutely delighted with my recent lift out at Haslar for pressure wash and antifoul at the beginning of May 2012. Your staff are courteous & polite, They demand a high standard from themselves and nothing was too much trouble."

"In addition to the lift, wash and antifoul I would normally clean the shafts and props and then polish them. I would also remove and replace the an odes and ensure that all underwater fittings (log, sounder etc) were cleaned to a high standard. I was slightly skeptical prior to lift out when I was assured that all of this would be included at no additional cost (with me providing any parts - anodes etc). But, everything promised was indeed completed, and I was very impressed with the care taken and the standard of finish."

"Your pricing is very competitive, and the whole experience remarkably hassle free. My thanks to you and all the team."

- Graham Aiken

"It was good to meet you yesterday, and I would just like to say what a great job your guys did yesterday and I’m really pleased with the finish of the antifouling job and the speed and finesse with which they applied it. Your team in Cowes have a great attitude and nothing is too much trouble and I will definitely be coming back next spring and will sing your praises to anybody who cares to listen."

Thanks again, Andrew Eady - Managing Director, MJ Cases Limited

"Just thought I would drop you a quick email to say thank you for everything. Everyone worked really well and the boats look fantastic. The new guys in Cowes did a stunning job for there first time, Working very well and doing a very professional job. The Gosport guys also did a suburb job. All the owners have commented on how great the work is."

- Chris Nicholson


"I was aware that growth underwater slows a boat down but was staggered by the improvement after Sealift cleaned off our Sadler 29. The growth was not huge with approximately 60% of the underbody showing only slimy discolouration . Before the clean the best speeds were down tounder five knots. In part I put this down to a fouled speed log so cleaned this thoroughly but no change. Surprisingly the handling appeared to be less precise and sluggish. After scrubbing, speeds in excess of 5 knots were the norm and we actually achieved 7.2 knots on a broad reach. The engine now revs to it’s proper range, and handling has returned to being a pleasure. It is hard to believe that the change is so dramatic. Sealift were efficient and a pleasure to deal with."

- Carey Mackinnon

"Thanks very much for the lift out and clean off and anti-fouling job yesterday. I was very impressed with the professionalism skill and thoroughness of your operating crew. I was also impressed with the equipment and operation of the platform. The boat was handled like an egg with not the slightest bit of damage which can occur when strops and lifting gear is used. It was also in a comfortable position on the platform where a thorough inspection of the bottom of the boat could be made. It is fantastic to think that the whole operation was done in such a short time. One last thing was that the trip home saw the speed go up on the same revs and the same strength of tide from 9knots to 12 knots."

"Many thanks again for a wonderful job, I would recommend your service to anyone."

- Kind regards, Tim Parvin.

"Many thanks to all at Sealift2 It was a great job well done. Lift, Clean, Antifouled & Polish. Very helpful and accommodating, the speed of the turnaround is great and would I certainly use the service again. Highly recommended! Again many thanks."

- Keith Bridges & Shelley Hunter, Amigos

"I would just like to say again how pleased I was with your service, it's a refreshing change to get a service thats exceeds your expectations (not often the case these days). As an alternative to traditional lift out the Sealift 2 was a cost effective, efficient and reliable means of doing the job. On top of that you and your staff provided tools and labour beyond the call of duty) for changing the anode and touching up the antifouling. I would (and have already)recommend you to everyone."

- Many thanks, Roger


"Just a note to thank you and your team for the excellent attention we received on Monday. We were very impressed by the meticulous care taken by the team both in cleaning off the hull and application of the anti-foul. The whole operation went smoothly and Tern lll is now going like a dream. I have no hesitation in recommending SeaLift2 to my sailing colleagues and one has already expressed serious interest."

- Regards, Alasdair Stewart

"I would like to thank you and your two assistants for a very efficient lift out and two coat antifoul on my First 47.7 . The work was done extremely well, the best antifoul I have had in 25 years and all finished between 09:00 and 17:00. It would help customers to have access to water and 220 volt electricity so that they can do some other work during the day. Would you please book me in for 2011 on Monday 25th April for the same again."

- Many thanks, Ralph Denne

Hebuca Pre-Clean
Hebuca Post Clean


"Just a quick notes to say thanks for all your help on Monday/Tuesday, also for ferrying me back and forwards to Cowes Yacht Haven and for getting me away on time (which enabled me to get to the meeting on time in Newport). I had a great sail back to Chichester in the aftern oon and had 7 knots on the log as I sailed into Chichester harbour as the sun was going down - she felt about a ton lighter after the scrub and antifoul!! Needless to say I will spread the word at the efficiency of the service and hopefully you'll get a steady stream of people sailing over from Chichester in the future."

- All the best, Simon Jollands


"I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to you and your team. My boat Thetis came into Sealift very heavily fouled, having not been cleaned for two years. The speed and quality of the clean was superb and I can honestly say that the customer service you provided yet was second to none. We shall certainly be back and can recommend Sealift2 to everyone."

- Thank you, Howard Stone

Thetis Pre-Clean
Thetis Post Clean