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Dock SalesSealift3 floating dry docks are completely self-contained platforms which do not require valuable waterfront land for boat maintenance and repairs. We lift 65ft yachts, motor boats and catamarans weighing up to 50 tons in 5-10 minutes. This means that you can offer a fast, cost effective service to lift, inspect and clean hulls, change anodes and re-launch in under an hour. So during the day the dock operates very much like a fast “car wash for boats”.

We do not use lifting straps, which apply unwanted stresses to the hull and can cause damage to antifoul paintwork when re-launching boats. With Sealift3 boats are always standing on their hulls/keels.

As we support boats above the waterline, the entire below waterline area is available for antifoul painting. This means that you can reserve the last lift of the day for a premium service such as antifoul painting or hull cut & polishing. With the antifoul service a boat will enter the dock at say 14:00 and by 19:00 you will have lifted, cleaned, dried, taped and applied two coats of antifoul paint.

The boat is then left on the dock overnight and is relaunched early the next morning.  This service would usually take at least 5 or 6 days when using a traditional crane or travel lift as you have to wait for the paint to dry and also to harden before relaunch – otherwise the lifting straps will damage the antifoul. These services have proved very popular with boat owners and so a Sealift3 floating dry dock will act like a boat magnet drawing many more boats to your business.

The following URL is a short video, which shows a yacht being lifted, cleaned and antifouled – with the waste water collection and processing.

Installation of our docks is straightforward and you will not incur any of the additional expensive civil engineering works which are typically associated with the installation of a travel lift. It can be moored to a pontoon/quayside or secured by piles or seabed anchors – see the following Youtube video clip / URL which shows the installation process. All you need is an electricity and a fresh water supply and you are up and running in a day. - installation

Our docks are eco-friendly as we collect all washoff from the cleaning operation and pass it through an onboard water treatment plant, which removes oils and dissolved metals rendering it safe to discharge directly into the sea in accordance with EU Regulations on Urban Waste Water Treatment – Directive 9/271/EEC.  We can provide you with any test results that you may require to satisfy local environmental regulations.

The operating costs of the Sealift3 dock are minimal.  This enables you to package multiple services at discounted prices into “Total Care” voucher packs, valid for a 12 month period, which the boat owner will find irresistible.  These give the boat owner additional value compared to the traditional alternatives at a minimal incremental cost to you the operator.

We also have designs for larger floating dry docks for servicing super yachts.  If you have a suitable quayside we can also install our docks without the central control catamaran which significantly reduces the cost and the overall footprint.  The 3D computer models below illustrate a Sealift3 dock capable of lifting 90ft super yachts weighing up to 85 tons.

80 Ton Dock Raised
80 Ton Dock Lowered

Request a business case spreadsheet to see the return on investment and payback period that you can achieve in your local market.

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